Best Lace-swaps For The Yeezy Boost 350 "Lundmark"

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These Yeezy's weren't too tough to grab so hopefully if you wanted a pair you were able to get them. Here are my favorite lace-swaps for the new Yeezy Boost 350 Lundmark. 

Really liked this colors neutral tone and the two colors I think best match are our cream and olive Yeezy laces. 


Cream Yeezy Laces 48"

This is by far my favorite choice. The laces match the sole and the stripe perfectly. 

yeezy boost 350 lundmark shoe laces


Olive Yeezy Laces 48"

This is a lace that stays true to the neutral tone of the shoe, its subtle and loud at the same time. 

yeezy boost 350 lundmark on foot


Loud Swaps

Cactus Yeezy Laces 48" 

These don't match the aesthetic but they still look pretty cool on them. 

yeezy shoe laces


Salmon Yeezy Laces 48" 

Real neck breakers. Yeah they don't really match but sometimes you just have to stand out. 

yeezy shoe laces


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