New Yeezy Boost Laces

Posted by Eric Delgado on

We love making our customers lives easy so we have decided to add a Yeezy boost shoe lace category to the site! The Yeezy boost 350v2 is by far the most popular shoe for sneaker-heads during the last two years and they are also a great shoe to lace swap. Yeezy kept his promise and now everyone has a pair, why not make yours stand out a bit with a clean lace swap? 

We are known for making specialized laces for popular shoes with unorthodox lace lengths but the Yeezy's actually require 48" laces which is already one of standard lengths. We organized all of the round and oval 48" laces and organized them into one category to make it easier to shop for your Yeezy boost 350v2s and Yeezy 700s.

Start lace swapping HERE


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